Hospital Transmits Structured Pathology Data Directly to CCR

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St. Joseph Health – Northern California has announced that it is successfully transmitting structured pathology cancer case data directly to the California Cancer Registry (CCR). To accomplish this, the St. Joseph’s pathology department worked closely with CCR, mTuitive, Inc., and College of American Pathologists (CAP). By using the CAP electronic Forms and Reporting Module, or CAP eFRM™, St. Joseph’s is able to collect and automatically transmit vital cancer data that can be used by the registry to better understand cancer trends in the local populace.

“By using CAP eFRM, our cancer data is being sent more efficiently and immediately,” says Megan Smith-Zagone, MD, Medical Director of the Laboratory at St. Joseph’s Health. “We feel more confident that our cancer data is complete when sent.”

Since 2003, mTuitive has been developing structured data solutions for use by doctors to record clinical results and comply with reporting standards. Thanks to a partnership with CAP in the production of CAP eFRM, it is now easier than ever for facilities to comply with national protocols and submit their important cancer data to such locations as the CCR.

“In 2004, we learned that the state cancer registry in California was months to years behind in abstracting diagnostic data from cancer reports into their systems,” said John Murphy, mTuitive CEO. “The CAP, CCR, mTuitive, and St. Joseph’s were able to create a solution that solved this backlog and greatly increases accuracy of the data through standardization of structure and data transmission.”

mTuitive is actively seeking more laboratories to take part in this project. The more sites that transmit their data to the registry, the more complete a picture of the current cancer situation in the state can be formed. By transmitting live structured cancer data to the registry, physicians and researchers are able to determine efficacy of treatments faster and understand patient care trends better.

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