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Join the California Data Modernization Consortium

To date, cancer research has depended on disparate and nonstandardized databases of varying quality and completeness. The California Data Modernization Consortium (CDMC) was formed to address the need for governance of highly structured, standardized, and high-quality cancer data to remedy this problem. In particular, the gathering of structured and clearly defined data elements is critical to scientific research activities to deal with the complexity of these diseases. CDMC addresses the need to create a common structure for the long-term management of cancer data, beginning in California, while also setting the stage for other state, national, and international cancer research communities.


Membership on the General Committee is generally open to sectors of the cancer-data community where there may be gaps in representation. Experts in information science, data governance processes and pathologists are obviously welcome. Additional candidates for membership include experts in electronic medical records, data interoperability, hospital executives and other informaticists. Individuals interested in joining should submit a letter of interest, along with an accompanying letter of support from the organization they represent. All members of the General Committee may participate in any subcommittees and educational webinars, and may be reimbursed for travel to the general meetings in Sacramento.

Another type of membership entails participating in subcommittees (but not on the General Committee), which include: Business Operations; Data Analytics and Research; Finance; Outreach and Communication; Standards and Technology; and Policy. To join a subcommittee, applicants should submit a letter of interest, along with an accompanying letter of support from the organization they represent.


In addition to contributing to this critical movement in cancer-data modernization, participation in CDMC will allow members to build a new generation of cancer data that is well-conceptualized, highly usable, and interoperable. Your expert insight will help to inform major industry partners and colleagues about the requirements and implementation of structured data reporting. Both the General Committee and subcommittees will consist of members who are industry leaders; you will have contact and work side-by-side with a range of valuable partners in this quest, whose ultimate purpose is to save lives.

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