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Data Saves Lives

Prevent Cancer Survive Cancer

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Cancer Research — and Patients — Will Benefit from Two New State Laws

The California Cancer Registry has played a central role in furthering two pioneering bills in the state Legislature that will enable the expansion and improvement of cancer research.

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What Data Modernization Will Mean…


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Structured Data


Old Information


Real-Time Reporting


Laborious Assessments


21st Century Analytics


Missed Opportunities


Better Outcomes


Data Saves Lives

Prevent Cancer Survive Cancer

  • My surgeon provided me a copy of my pathology report. Its clarity and completeness enabled me to research the facts and validate my oncologist's proposed treatment plan. I could truly give informed consent when asked my preference of chemotherapy regimens, radiation therapy, targeted molecular therapy and hormone therapy. Knowing my plan was in line with recommended practice gave me confidence in my providers and, more importantly, hope for a positive outcome.

    Marianne Luettschwager patient and cancer survivor
  • Cancer rates, trends and most research are based on data collected three to four years ago – and are the result of outdated, paper-based collection processes and practices. We can do better! We want patients, family and friends to be educated, and to understand the importance of structured and real-time data. This is what the CDMC is all about: data that’s in a format that makes it accurate and ready to use today for research, clinical trial studies, trending, cures and prevention.

    Sandra Slater, MLT, CHA(QM) Senior Clinical Informaticist,
    Clinical Informatics
    Sandra Slater, MLT, CHA(QM)